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So, You’ve Started a New HHA Job … What Now?

You have finally landed a new job as a home health aide (HHA) and are excited to start.

This is an enormous accomplishment and a major step forward in your career.

After all, you’ve been searching for months and now it’s time to put your best foot forward.

There are some things to do before you walk in the door so that you know what to expect and can be prepared on day one.

Starting a new job can be difficult and nerve racking. You will have to get used to the people and the work. It can be hard, too, if you are not used to it. But don’t worry: with time, you will do better and make friends!

Your first week of your new job is crucial to laying the groundwork for a long and happy career as a home health aide.

– Research your new company’s culture before you start so that you can be prepared in advance

– Dress appropriately – even if it feels uncomfortable at first, this is an important step not only in helping yourself feel more confident but also as part of fitting into the company culture

3 Key Points in Your New Job

Introduce Yourself

Introducing yourself will help you feel more confident with people: first impressions can be hard! The best way is by introducing yourself. It’s important not only for making friends but also as part of fitting into a new culture. You might need time to adjust before feeling comfortable enough to introduce herself or himself around the office, but trust us – all good things come with patience!

Ask Loads of Questions

When you first start a new job, it can be hard to know what is going on. This can make the experience less than enjoyable and introduce stress into your life! To avoid this scenario, we recommend asking loads of questions about how things work in advance – not just at orientation

What are some steps that have helped you feel more confident? How did you meet people? What’s the best way for me to ask someone if I don’t yet know them well enough to say hello? Ask these and any other questions aloud so others around here and might be able to help out too!

Look for a Friend

One way to make the job a little more enjoyable is by meeting new people. It can be hard to meet new friends at your company if you are not there often or working in an environment that does not encourage socializing with coworkers.

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s important for newcomers! Ask fellow employees who they know who might be interested in getting together after work for dinner and drinks – this will give both of you someone else to talk about things other than just work all day long.

Once you’ve made some introductions and have a sense of who to work with, go out for lunch or coffee. This could be the person sitting next to you or another newcomer that started at the same time.

Developing trusted relationships will make it easier as well when getting acquainted with this new workplace. In fact, research has shown just how much social ties in your job can increase productivity levels!


You have a lot of potential and are excited to start your new career. We hope you take advantage of all the opportunities that will be available for you as an HHA, including learning how to care for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

You’ve chosen a great career path whether you remain as a HHA for years or use this as a stepping stone for advancing in healthcare.

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