HHA’s: see which employers offer the best salaries

WHERE you work as a HHA can impact your pay!

How much does a home health aide make in the United States? The answer to this question varies based on where you live and who employs you.

HHA salaries vary greatly by the state in which you work, where you work (e.g., a nursing home, home health agency, etc.) and certification level.

Not Just Location, Location, Location

How much do home health aides make in Florida?

It all depends?

A home health aide in Florida makes $14 an hour if working for the local government but only $12 if working at a home health agency.

That’s a big difference!

Outlined here is an easy-to-use tool allowing you to filter by state to see how much a home health aide makes per hour (and annually) and by employer.

Select a state from the listing below!

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Summary for the State

Total Employment

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Average Hourly Rate

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Average Annual Salary

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Home health aide companies are eager to hire more aides, so they are trying to offer competitive wages and benefits. But they still have a hard time recruiting, retaining and motivating their workforce.

That does not mean you should take anything offered to you… home health aide employment opportunities are all around you – don’t settle for less than your true worth.

NOTE: Source U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); home health aides (HHA) are now combined with personal care aides (PCA) for a new category of “home health and personal care aides“.