Which is better for HHA’s: getting paid every week or every other week?

It may not the the most important factor as your new job as a home health aide (HHA) though it is rather important.

Knowing how often you get paid can have a meaningful impact on your household finances.

Your pay as a HHA may mean a world of difference to you and your family and how often you get that check can be very impactful.

Most agencies in pay the caregivers and home health aides each weekly yet some only monthly or biweekly (i.e. every two weeks or twice a month).

hha pay frequency

Biweekly is the most common length of pay period, with an estimated 42.2 percent of U.S. private establishments paying their employees every 2 weeks.

Weekly pay periods were almost as common, with 33.8 percent of private establishments paying employees each week.

Which is better for you and what are the pros and cons?

Pros of a weekly paycheck.

You get paid more often and you can budget better. The pros of getting a paycheck every week is that it provides you, the HHA, with an opportunity to plan ahead for expenses, such as paying bills or saving money in anticipation on upcoming events like the Christmas shopping season!

Weekly paychecks also provide caregivers who are self-employed (or those employed by agencies) additional income tax deductions because they will be able make estimated quarterly payments throughout this year instead one large payment at end December 31st each calendar years.

A weekly pay check can be a disadvantage as well to your job as a HHA.

Cons of a weekly paycheck.

It may not instill upon you the importance of planning your finances and budgeting.

If you get paid every other week, it will force you to budget accordingly as you know it will be another two weeks before you get paid. You will not spend that paycheck all at once (at least you shouldn’t).

You also won’t be tempted to spend it all at once because there is another two-week period until you will get paid again (at least we hope so!).

It can be a disadvantage if you are not able to budget and plan accordingly.

It may also lead into more debt because of the temptation that comes with being paid weekly, which is why it’s important for HHA’s who get their paychecks every week or bi-monthly (every other month) to have some sort financial planning in place before they start working as an aide!

What’s the ideal way to get paid a as home health aide?

In reality, it may not be your decision as the home health agency who employs you will call the shots. You may not have an option.

Ask up front before you take the job. For most HHA’s, a weekly paycheck is best though getting paid biweekly is the not the worst situation and will instill upon you some great budgeting skills.