Failed HHA competency exam? Here’s what you need to know

Be honest and retrace your actions.

What happens if you fail the home health aide competency (HHA) exam? This is a question that many people in have when they are in your shoes, and it’s a valid concern.

There are two possible outcomes to failing this test: being denied certification or continuing with remedial training. The decision of which one you will have depends on what state you took the exam in, as well as the circumstances surrounding your failure.

Let’s explore these possibilities further!

If you fail any portion of the home health aide exam you must retake it over again – and this will cost you much valuable time and, of course, money.

Did you flunk the exam because you were unprepared? Did you use practice tests? Did you use a study guide?

Be honest and retrace your actions – what happened along the way from your training to taking the test?

If your failure was due to an honest miscalculation of the time allotted for answering questions, then you can retake it and remain eligible.

This is not a good choice if there are other circumstances surrounding this test that would warrant taking remedial coursework instead – such as missing prerequisite exams or failing them all together!

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When in doubt contact someone at the testing place (home health agency?) with any specific concerns before making these decisions to make sure this will happen again. Some states allow retaking just portions which were missed while passing everything else without penalty/costs.

When to know you may need additional HHA training.

If possible, ask your test instructor to show you which questions you did not answer correctly.

Did you actually know the answers to these questions and perhaps just got confused or nervous?

All of this is quite normal. It all boils down to this…

Practice tests are designed to replicate the actual test – what does it look like? how many multiple-choice questions? What does the Skills Portion of the HHA exam look like?

The more you prepared for the exam, and what it will entail on test day-the better off your chances of passing are. So again – take as many practice exams in advance so that when test day arrives all is familiar territory to conquer.

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This also helps with nerves because now we know how much pressure there really was/is going into taking this home health aide competency examination (HHA) which can make us feel a little less anxious about giving our best effort during testing time.

hha presentation iconThe bottom line?

Give yourself ample opportunities before sitting down on test day.

Allocate enough time to study each day and get a feel for test structure and content.

The key is not just memorizing or cramming the information but understanding it and being able transfer your knowledge into application at the test site on exam date.

This will help you conquer the home health aide competency exam obstacles with ease in no-time flat if done correctly – how exciting.

So, get started today!