Free HHA Training Classes Near You

What if You Could Get
FREE HHA Classes
Near You?

What if you could get free HHA classes near you?

Free home health aide training classes are right around the corner – literally!

The demand for home health aides is skyrocketing, but qualified candidates are hard to find. As a result many agencies are training their own workers from the ground up.

Here are the 3 easy steps to finding free HHA training

  1. Search local agencies
  2. [Take] Notes (and Questions)
  3. Apply for training at your top picks
hha steps free training

Step #1 – Focus and Search

Focus on agencies where you will be working.

For example, if you live in , you wouldn’t look for training in another state, would you?

Look locally as that is where you will be working as a HHA.


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Where would you like to work as a HHA?

Type in the city for free HHA classes near you.

hha steps free training

Step #2 – Take Notes

Start to click through the listing of the agencies.

Go to the websites; look around and get a quick feel for the companies – first impressions are everything!

On their website, click some of the example links below:

Locations (may be under a “Contact” link): where are the offices; is there more than one location; is the main office close to you? Of course, you’ll be working in clients’ homes, but the office is most likely where the classes will take place.

About Us: how long have they been in business; are they affiliated with a larger / national company; what geographic areas do they serve?

Services Offered: this will highlight some of the services they offer their clients.

Examples may include: rehabilitation, wound care, hospice, and diabetes care. Registered nurses, not the HHA, perform many of these – so don’t get nervous.

Employment Opportunities: the demand is very high for aides so many companies show this information on the front page. This is where you will find about the training that’s required to work for them and if they offer it for free, or low cost.

Take real brief notes of the agencies you may have an interest in or want to question.

Reach out to the ones that may be of interest to you.


Don’t email them… please call them on the phone (if they provide a phone number on the website).

I hate using the phone, it’s 2021 why can’t I email them?

Here’s why.

First, you find if they are legitimate. If you reach a machine, leave a message and no one calls you back within a day then scratch them off the list.

Second, as you are speaking with someone you will get a feel for how they act with folks. Are they rude, short with you and don’t have answers to your questions? Scratch them off the list.

hha steps free training questions

Checklist for Free HHA Training

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This quick and simple checklist will walk you through finding the best HHA schools / classes! You can download this for later, too.

Sample Questions

Here’s a suggested list of questions that you may want ask to help to narrow the selection of agencies.

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What are the requirements?

While you may know the HHA requirements for your state some employers may have their own requirements. You’ll want to know this upfront.

For example, your state may need 75 hours of HHA/CNA training. But an agency may add on another 20 hours – that will make a big difference when you make your decision on where to work.

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Who will do the training?

Registered nurses, or referred to as a “RN”, conduct home health training. Since the home health industry is growing so fast things slip through the cracks… agencies will try to use someone other than a RN to do it – this way they can cut costs.

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Is the clinical training available, too?

This sounds odd but sometimes agencies do not perform their own clinical training. (Clinical aspect focuses on home care and the demonstration of skills with patients in a real or simulated setting.)

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Are you accredited and state approved?

This may not make sense now but as you narrow your selection it will.

You only want to work for an agency that has a state approved curriculum. And if they are accredited, that’s even better. These employers will be funded by Medicaid / Medicare allowing you to work as a certified home health aide and make more money.

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Where does the training take place?

Silly question?  The headquarters of the agency may be a couple of miles from you house but the training itself could be at a centralized training classroom. That may be 50 miles away! And the skills part may be at another location. Better to know this upfront before you make a training commitment.

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How long is the training?

This can run anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks; ask agencies how long theirs is. Some may be bound by state requirements. Also ask if it is full time or part time – some firms will allow you to take your time and take a few classes a week, but these are few and far between.

Remember, the goal here is to find free training training programs for home health aide. When companies offer no-cost training they want to train you efficiently; which means you may be going full time for several weeks.

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Are there any requirements to be eligible for the HHA training?

You may not want to ask all of these this early but these are standard requirements you should be aware of.

  • 18 years of age or older
  • required to pass an entrance exam
  • requires a high school diploma / GED
  • provide photo ID and Social Security Card
  • deposit for books / supplies
  • drug-screening test and background check
  • need to lift up to 50 lbs.

You’ll have a full list of requirements long before you start.

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What is the cost?

This question makes more sense than “Is it free?” as this sounds like you are more interested in something for free than working with/for the company. Free HHA classes are near you. The agency wants to make sure you are the right fit for the company, and you’ll be a great home health aide – that’s how you want to sell yourself.

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Who covers the cost of taking the competency exam?

There may be costs associated with taking the competency exam, it may be anywhere from $50 – $200; ask up front.

Passing the exam is not difficult as long as you know what to expect. Being prepared and knowing what is on the test is the key to passing.

You do not want to worry about the money involved; many agencies will cover the cost of this for you.

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Are there any others costs I should be aware of?

There could be other expenses that are part of the training.

You don’t need specifics on all these items this early in the game, but you should be aware of any extra costs such as:

  • Registration Fee
  • Textbooks
  • Backgrounds check / fingerprinting
  • Board of Nursing fee for HHA certificate
  • Nursing scrubs
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Is there any commitment to work? If so, for how long?

If the agency offers free home health aide training and job placement then they will most likely make you to work for them; and for a certain amount of time.

Look at it from their perspective for a moment: they are providing you with approximately $1,000 worth or schooling for free.

They don’t want you to take advantage of this great opportunity, get your certification and then go work for a competitor up the street.

They are giving you something, now you need to give them something.

You may need to work for them for six (6) months. Signing a commitment letter even before you start will also be required. Read the letter and if you don’t understand something ask.

hha steps free training

Step #3 – Start Applying

If you don’t have a good selection of companies then start your search again – starting with Step #1 above.

Processing the application may need to be online so after you’ve completed it make sure you give them a call to see if they have received it.

free hha training quote

They will schedule an interview to get to know you better; rehearse what to say on the interview; they will keep it relatively brief.

They also need to perform a background check and a pre‐employment physical.

You’re on your way – stay in touch with them to let them know you’re very interested in being a home health aide for them.

The agency will need to check your references. This may take a little extra time as they get in touch with the folks you’ve listed on the application.

Assuming all checks out they will enroll you in the next open class! Keep in mind you need to attend all your classes.

Depending on the state, once you complete the classes your information is sent to the respective board of nursing. That will make it official that you are a certified home health aide (CHHA).

You can now start working and making money!

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Type in the city for HHA Training opportunities.

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