You can be a home health aide just like me.

be a hha like me

I did it and you can too!

Out of “luck” and down for the count…

I needed to find a job with lots of security, not requiring a great deal of education, and one with room for advancement.

I found all of these in being a home health aide.

Not knowing where to begin I surfed the internet. I pulled all I needed to know and went feet first with a little bit of training and lots of enthusiasm.

Six weeks later I was working full time.

Since then I have become a certified nursing assistant (CNA), making more money and am helping to train future home health aides!

Mission Of This Site

The Have -Nots: Help those who are interested in becoming a home health aide. The Haves: Offer tips and suggestions for home health care professionals to advance their career and earn more money.

The field is explosive and yours for the taking.

With the help of a couple programmer friends I put together HomeHealthAideGuide.com to help others learn the steps to becoming a home health aide.

Hopefully you can learn from my trials and errors!

You may have noticed the Resources section of the site. There are some great resources either I or my readers are recommending. If you would like to be listed here please contact me.