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Stop whining please… FREE HHA training is available to everyone!

Unlock the potential of a fulfilling career in healthcare with our comprehensive free Home Health Aide (HHA) training programs available across the United States. This guide provides essential information on how you can access no-cost HHA certification to enhance your skills and employment prospects.

With a rising demand for qualified HHAs, there’s no better time to start your training. Find out how you can enroll in a nearby program and begin your journey in this rewarding field.

The number 1 question we get is:

“How can I find HHA training near me?”

or this…

“Help with free home health aide training classes near me?”

Well, we’re here to help you.

We built this site more than 10 years ago as a resource for people looking to find home health aide training (HHA) classes near them.

This site will provide the information you need to find your nearest training class.  

And you get frustrated too and we will help you get through this and find not only HHA training near you but also FREE HHA training.

Let’s keep this real short.

FREE HHA training is available to everyone in 2024

Here’s how:

  • Home health agencies offer free HHA training to just about anyone
  • Those who are on food stamps (also known as SNAP) can get free training

Home health agencies offer free HHA training

Home health aides are in great demand, but many individuals cannot afford the education required to get in such high demand. The good news is that even for those without financial resources, it’s possible to get HHA certification from local nursing homes, agencies, and even hospitals.

Home health aide demand is soaring, but qualified professionals are harder to find. As a result many agencies are taking the initiative to train their own staff independently.

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Agency HHA Free Training

Real simple and we’ll walk you through how to access HHA training offered by home health agencies in – and all states as well!

Those on food stamps (also known as SNAP) get free HHA training

Participants in SNAP are automatically qualified for the SNAP Employment and Training Program (SNAP E&T), which assists participants with developing marketable job skills.

Through the SNAP E&T program, participants can reach the end goal of self-sufficiency by getting HHA training and certification for free. And many of these offer free 2 week HHA training near you!

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Food Stamp HHA Free Training

Those who receive food stamps can get free HHA training (or any training) and it’s the law!

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