Profile of a HHA: informative look at who she really is!


Home health aides (HHA) are mostly employed in home healthcare settings to provide home-based care for patients, typically the elderly.

They work under the supervision of nurses and physicians who have specialties in home healthcare. The main tasks performed by home health aides are bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, transferring from bed to chair or wheelchair and monitoring vital signs.

Home health care workers are often the first people that come to mind when we think about how physically demanding their jobs can be. They spend hours in motion, helping with getting out of bed or walking around rooms- all while using proper lifting techniques so as not get injured themselves.

Aides are typically the first person many people meet when it comes to managing their personal care needs. Aids may work with clients who have cognitive impairments or mental health issues, including those that display difficult behaviors.

There are many misconceptions about her (yes, most are women).

What language does the typical home health aide speak; what is the education background; how many actually drive to work in a car?

Below is an infographic on the profile of a HHA: the person and how her profile may influence your career in the healthcare industry or hiring a HHA.

This is very helpful for those considering being a home heath aide or those who want to know how to hire a home health aide. This is not a career profile of a HHA or a job description.

profile of a home health aide