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The Quick Way to Start a Career in Nursing: Become a CNA!

You want to become a nurse but are not sure how to get started.

You don’t have the time or money to go back to school.

Learn how to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). It’s easy, affordable, and convenient!

What is a CNA?

A certified nursing assistant is to provide treatment to the patients under the supervision of a licensed nurse. CNAs are the liaison between the patient and the licensed nurse. The CNA is essential for the patient’s personal and healthcare services as well as communicating important information.

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CNA’s are also trained to administer medications, perform wound care and assist with various other treatments. CNAs are highly regarded as a vital part of any nursing team.

When researching how to become a certified nursing assistant, a person should be mindful of the various ways in which it may also be known. Certified nursing assistants are referred to as Nurse Assistants (CNA), Personal Care Attendants (PCA), State Tested Nurse Aides (STNA in Ohio), Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (UAP), or Licensed Nurse Aides (LNA in Arizona and Vermont).

What are the Benefits of Being a CNA?

Developing into a certified nursing assistant is the quickest method to enter nursing practice. The demand for CNAs is high due to the growing portion of the population that needs medical care. As a CNA, there’s typically flexibility in establishing shift schedules which fit your preferences. CNAs and LPNs are employed in a range of healthcare facilities.

CNA employment can be found in different environments and on multiple schedules. CNA jobs require ongoing training and education for further career options, because they may be adaptable and flexible.

Basic Requirements to Become a CNA

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As the minimum requirement, at least 75 hours of classroom and clinical instruction are required. Some states went above and beyond the minimum requisite and needed as much as 180 hours of lessons.

A high school diploma is not typically necessary for the CNA program, but some states might require it if it pertains to open positions in the field.

These regulations typically involve a current medical physical fitness test, a criminal background check, a health exam, and CPR certification. If you’re interested in becoming a CNA, check with your state to find out how to become one.

Find CNA Training Courses

If you’re thinking of becoming a certified nurse assistant, then there are several adherent training programs for you to utilize prior to registering for a training course. Once enrolled in a course, instruction is led by a licensed registered nurse who is present and active, and their instruction will cover state-approved courses to become a certified nurse assistant.

These are some examples of the modules covered throughout the course. Instruction may involve university courses, skills labs, and clinical more beneficial in a medical facility environment.

Each state has different CNA training resources and opportunities accessible free of charge to local residents. Many CNA training options are offered through your local Red Cross or long-term healthcare facilities. CNA training courses are available from many sources, regardless of which state you’re moving to.

CNA Competency Exam

After training, everyone is then eligible to take the written and skills test to obtain a state license. Unless you determine a testing venue, you’ll need to ask your training school for assistance in finding a state-approved testing institution.

Once the testing location is discovered, you’ll have to show the documentation your training facility gave you confirming the completion of training.

Once you’ve received certification, you must learn your state’s renewal schedule and potential continuing education needs. It is crucial to complete your continuing education program to protect your certification.

Tips to Starting Your CNA Job Search

You’ll be thoroughly prepared to begin your CNA job search once you have your certificate and finished the assessment. CNAs can be paid around $12 an hour regardless of location or state, and with experience, wages can increase.

As previously mentioned, there are many environments where you could work as a CNA.

If you’re interested in further career growth after obtaining your CNA certificate and practice experience, you can consider a number of varied career paths. All careers will require you to obtain additional training, certification, or education. You should try out everything to find what you’ll need for each career.


In conclusion, becoming a certified nursing assistant is the quickest, most affordable way to enter the nursing profession. The demand for CNAs is high due to the growing population of elderly and chronically ill patients. So if you are looking for a fulfilling career in nursing, becoming a CNA is the best place to start.

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