GOOD MORNING! Begin the day with taking that first step towards your HHA career!

GOOD AFTERNOON! It’s a great time to start your HHA career!

GOOD EVENING! It’s a great night to start your HHA career!

It’s a great day to start your HHA career!

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Dear Friend, does this sound like you?

You want to become a home health aide in , but you’re not sure where to start.

And you don’t want to head down the path of another disappointing job/career path yet security is one of your major goals in life.

Your whole life you may have struggled with taking that first step to better yourself and provide more for you and your family – but always unsure of how to start and where.

Fortunately, we’re here to help.

You will be shown how to be working as a home health aide in weeks – making money and advancing in your amazing new career.

Picture Yourself as a HHA!

Picture Yourself as a Successful HHA!

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How to Be a Home Health Aide: Step by Step Course

All you need to know about becoming a HHA in !

  • Get a job QUICKLY as a home health aide (HHA)
  • Earn a living in a field with TONS of jobs
  • LEARN how to get FREE training near you
  • Get CERTIFIED the best way
  • Detailed VIDEOS on how to do all of this!

How to Be a Home Health Aide: Step by Step Course provides an easy step by step guide with all the information on how to get started in a matter of weeks.

We will cover everything from how much can you make, the certification process (if needed at all!), how to find a job, and how to get FREE training?

And many more questions folks have about being a home health aide!

So let’s get started!

Your First Step

You’ve been looking for a way to make more money and find stability.

Imagine what it would feel like not having any worries about your financial future because you could live comfortably without worrying if you’ll be able to pay next month’s rent with this week’s paycheck—or receiving enough hours of work each day so as not reach burnout from overworking yourself when vacation time comes around!

ALL NEW!! How to Be a HHA: Step by Step Course

Don’t be scrambling.

Have the valuable answers to key questions in order to focus on becoming a home health aide and making money!

For example:

  • Do I really need to be Certified?
  • Where can I find training (even FREE training)?
  • Is passing the HHA test required?
    • Is it difficult to pass?
    • How many questions are there?
    • Isn’t it more than 2 sections?
  • Can I work in a nursing home or hospital?
  • Is it true I need to pass a background check in ?
  • What are the best ways to advance as a HHA and make more money?

What’s Included?

We want to make this super easy and convenient for you – we know your time is very valuable.

This course gives you peace of mind as we have been a trusted resource to home health aides for more than 10 YEARS!


Videos for each of the steps to be a HHA plus how to find free training near you PLUS many more.

Study Guide / Tests

Full color detailed HHA test study guide PLUS online practice tests with hundreds of questions with full explanations!

Forms / Templates

Download and begin using job description, cover letter and bonus material right away.

PLUS Receive the Following Bonuses

We’re not kidding when we say that you’ll be a HHA in weeks with our exclusive materials.

To show how serious we are about this, here’s some free bonuses that will come with your order!


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hha guide header 2022
hha guide header 2022
  • All of the information you need is in one place
  • Clear and Concise explanations of all HHA test topics
  • Includes Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • Expanded Skills Review
  • New in 2022: 5 Online Interactive Practice Tests!
  • Get ready to do your best on the HHA test with this one-of-a-kind study guide

Use our easy step-by-step HHA test study guide, without weeks and months of endless studying…

This book is absolutely great. Many tips, tricks, and examples.
Mary Sequois, PCA

This is the only up-to-date book with real practice tests. And LOVE the HHA pin!!
Lynele Jones, CHHA ()2021

I am a current nurse assistant in training. Was not sure how to be an aide. I immediately jumped in and started the tests – passed the test right away!
Kristin H., HHA

Don’t be intimidated by the size of the book. Instead, use the practice tests as homework problems or full-length exams that you can use for your own study purposes.
Sandra Lee, Aide

If you want to practice for the HHA test you have to have this Guide. Looked everywhere for something just like this.
Amy G., Nursing Home HHA

I bought this book after seeing the reviews and tore it apart from cover to cover. Test day came and I took the test, I felt really confident. My scores came back and I got a combined 92%.
Pauline Tripps, new HHA in 2021
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5 Online Practice Tests!

One of the biggest worries before the exam is wondering whether you’ve done enough to prepare for it.

There’s nothing worse than going in, feeling like you just don’t know enough!

What types of questions are on the test and how can you answer them? What’s the format and what if I run out of time or have a question during the test?

How can you pass a test if you have no idea what to expect?

The solution is simple… the best way to prepare for the test is to take as many practice tests as you can. Period.

Get ready for your exam with these online practice tests! Available to help you prepare at home, at school or wherever you want.

Trust us.

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The words “Home Health Aide” curve around a gold-plated 3D die cast pin – this is jewelry quality that will immediately distinguish you from others.

This 1″ pin will look beautiful pinned onto your uniform, scrubs or shirt in order to show that you’re proud of what you do every single day.

Your new pin will include a beautiful and sleek black velvet cloth jewelry pouch! This elegant, soft drawstring bag is the perfect place to store your pin. Better yet, if you give the pin as a gift this will be the perfect way to present it to that special home care professional.

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Imagine not feeling overwhelmed by all that is required to be a HHA in 2022!

With our home health aide resources, the process can be streamlined; no more searching online and more time on actually getting hired as soon as possible.

Get an organized online course so you can focus on what matters most – start working as a home health aide.

Get Instant Access to ALL of This and Make Money as a HHA!


These are digital download/online products, no physical printed versions or audio disks will be supplied upon purchase. The use of books and CD’s as images is solely used for the purposes of marketing the materials. The lapel pin will be shipped to the address provided at checkout.

How To Become a Home Health Aide (HHA)