Home Health Aide Exam Study Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Passing


The HHA exam is something employers will look into your credentials for because it plays a big role in determining if you are a good fit for working as a home health aide in .


Most states require you to pass the HHA exam in order to to certified to work as a home health aide.

The knowledge base is extremely large and covers all the skills required for this job. You must know how to deal with injuries, administer medications, give injections, and make referrals.

Do I need to take the home health aide exam?

If you want to start a career in health care, becoming certified as a HHA is the best way to go. Not only does it give you skills and experience that are much needed for this industry but also gives your resume legitimacy when applying elsewhere.

To become eligible for certification in by agencies like Medicaid or Medicare, applicants must be able to demonstrate competency through passing tests which offers you a level of qualification.

Cracking the 2024 HHA Exam: Tips and Tricks from the Experts

Format of the HHA Exam

The home health competency exam is a two-part evaluation that tests the knowledge and skills of home healthcare providers.

The first part, which is the Written Examination, requires applicants to answer 100 multiple choice questions on topics such as infection control, patient safety principles and ethics.

The second part of the test is the Skills Evaluation, where candidates demonstrate their ability to perform tasks related to home care services under supervision from an experienced evaluator.

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Failing The HHA Exam

If you fail the Written Examination or Skills Evaluation, your Score Report will provide details on how to re-take either or both parts. A new examination fee is required each time you retake any part of the HHA Exam and must be paid by scheduling a new appointment with an additional retake fee included.

You may retake either or both sections and are eligible for certification with successful completion of skills evaluation within 12 months following your first attempt at any part (or all) of HHA Examination.

State and federal regulations may allow you three attempts to pass both the Skills Evaluation and Written Examination. If successful, certification is granted immediately after passing the skills evaluation within 24 months of your first attempt at either part or both parts.


If you would like a career in home-based health care, you should be aware of what the certification criteria for the field require to look like. The Home Health Competency Exam includes two parts  the Written Exam and Skill Request.