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Does home health aide (HHA) certification expire?

Home health aide certifications are accepted and monitored by every state.

In New York, for example, they are valid for as long as the holder of the certification continues to work at a Home Health Agency that is certified and regulated by the State of New York Department of Health. But, there is no registry in Florida for HHA’s.

Some state; if you haven’t been employed by a health agency or home healthcare company for a consecutive 24 months, you will be ineligible for employment as an aide. To meet the eligibility requirements for home health aide reinstatement, you must complete the course again.

As you can see, certification requirements differ from state to state, but most states include a central registry for licensed home health aides.

Each state’s Department of Health, Department of Education, or other official authority regulates home health aide certification and approved education programs.

2 year hha certificate

Health Aide Certification Exam

To earn certification as a home health aide, you don’t need to only study for an HHA course. You must also pass the certification examination for home health aides.

Many states say you can be a home health aide without certification. This, however, may limit where you can work and you may not earn as much money.

Being certified as an home health aide increases your odds of finding employment and increased clients when you’re deciding to start your own home care business or should you choose to work with an established home health business.

The final results of your professional certification test may vary slightly, depending on the licensing and curriculum you used in the practicum.

Free Home Health Aide Certification

If you are not interested in acquiring certification, you may be in a different place to receive a totally free 2-week home health aide training program.

Because many home health companies (also known as agencies) are understaffed and need more workers, many are willing to pay for your training.

Free HHA training available near you!

They will most likely be keen to pay for and hire you.

Do your research, and you’re sure to find a firm that will provide you with free HHA certification training.

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