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HHA Jobs: What They Are, Where They Are, and How to Get the One You Want

Do you love elderly people, and believe you would enjoy assisting a senior man or woman on a regular basis?

If so, a job as a home health aide may be perfect for you. Elder care is only one of the numerous home health aide (HHA) jobs available today.

Home care for the elderly gives older people the chance to continue living in their own homes. Both the basic supervision and the variety of duties the aide performs mean the senior who is in relatively good health does not have to leave home and live in an assisted living facility if he or she does not wish to do so. Ensuring the senior is safe, healthy, and comfortable, is the job of the aide.

This particular home health job can be full time, part time, on call, or a live-in position. The job you choose should match your own schedule. While there are exceptions, live-in positions are generally best suited to aides who do not have family obligations of their own.

Elder care is not the only kind of home health job. Disabled persons of all ages often need aides to assist them at home. If you are interested in providing care for a disabled person, additional coursework will help you learn about disabilities, as well as the special care the person will need.

HHA’s in hospice

Home health aides are also an important part of hospice work.

While people of all ages who are terminally ill require skilled nursing services, the services of an aide are useful. If you would like to provide these services to individuals who are nearing the end of their lives, you should check with your nearest hospice agency. They can advise you about the extra training required so you can be qualified to work in hospice care.

One tip is to consider the area you are most interested in before you begin training. Whether you are thinking about elder care, caring for the disabled, or working in hospice care, you can find home health aide training specifically designed to qualify you for the job you want. You may also be able to get free training through the appropriate agency.

Home health agencies

A second reason to connect with an agency is to learn about the availability and location of jobs. Whether you sign up to directly work for them or not, they can provide valuable information to make your future job-searching much easier.

A third reason for inquiring at appropriate agencies is you may find working for them is the ideal way to get a good job.

Learning how to get the home health aide jobs you want begins with getting the right kind of training. Connecting with the right agencies for the specific kind of job you are looking for can take you through the entire process from training to getting placed in a job.

If elder care is your goal, you have a number of options. From traditional home care agencies to community and government agencies which provide services to the elderly, the more you check into the more possibilities you will find.

If you want to work with disabled people, you have the choice of working in individual homes or in a residential facility. Your nearest home care agency is the best place to inquire if you prefer to work in someone’s home.

Hospice is very precise regarding qualifications and patient services. If this is the field you are interested in, contact Hospice in your city for information. If you cannot find one nearby, ask at your local hospital.

caregiver hha duties

While elder care, disabled persons care, and hospice care are the most common jobs for home health aides, and can range from part-time to live-in positions, you Aides whose everyday schedules do not present an issue may be interested in temporary work. An additional option is assistance to individuals who have sustained a serious, yet temporary, injury. People who are recovering from accidents, and wish to do so at home, are one example.

A person may require assistance with his daily routines, or basic upkeep of his household, while he is recovering. A home health aide is ideal when he does not have a family member at home. This kind of job is usually short-term, yet a wonderful way to help someone stay independent while recovering.

Getting the job you want starts with choosing the type of health care you are most interested in. This is the first step in getting the training relevant to the work you want to do on a consistent or temporary basis.

When you follow this by inquiring at the appropriate agencies, you are one step closer to the job you want. Home health jobs are plentiful nearly everywhere in the United States. These steps will help you secure the job that will greatly benefit someone else, as well as yourself.


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