hha work in hospital

Can a HHA work in a hospital?

Home health care can be a rewarding career.

You’re never bored working in this job as you are constantly analyzing symptoms and motivating a team of health care professionals. Each patient presents unique challenges for you to address.

A home health aide’s typical day may include going over the patient’s care plan with them and their friends or family members, noting the patient’s progress, keeping up with medication intake, preparing meals, taking patients for walks, and doing other daily tasks.

Home health aides are not currently required to complete an educational or certification procedure, though a few states do require specialized training. The requirements that the aides must meet depend on the state where they reside.

The following states all require Home Health Aides to hold CNA credentials and completed the official nurse aide training and competence test. In the state of California, home health aides can be dually qualified as CNAs with additional education or training.

Where HHA’s work

Home health and personal care aides work in an array of settings. They may be assigned to clients’ homes, group homes, or day services programs. Many are working full-time, while some work part-time.

Most home health aides work in the home setting. Secondly, they work as aides in nursing homes (also known as skilled nursing facilities).

Can a HHA work in a hospital?

Here’s why.

Hospitals are aggressively hiring home health professionals to entice them from competitors amid an environment of increased competition to offer greater pay and better benefits. Many of healthcare workers were contaminated with COVID-19 amid the current surge of the disease. Their working conditions were difficult and stressful due to the pandemic.

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Specifically, shortages in healthcare are focusing on hospitals, nursing homes, and the homes of nurses and other home health aides. They are reporting that they are unable to admit patients.

Hospitals are hiring certified home health aides as a direct result of shortages industry wide in healthcare.

Make more as a hospital HHA

And better yet? You may make more as a HHA with better benefits working in a hospital.

But you need to keep in mind that the hiring choice of hospitals is certified nursing assistants (CNA). These individuals are certified and registered with their respective state nursing registry, have the added qualifications to wok along with registered nurses (RN) and have many more responsibilities that a home health aide.

There are many things that a home health aide is not allowed to do… but working in a hospital as an entry level caregiver position may be a great stepping stone to your new healthcare career!

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