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My programmer friends want to pass along some information regarding the resources and applications used to create this site.

Highly Recommended!  Here are three resources you should know about as the seem to be the most important in building any website.


AWeber: Building an email list is essential in building a website and one of the first things you should consider in the planning phase. Build an email list of users. Period. This may not make sense right away though you will eventually discover that reaching out to your users will prove to be invaluable. You can create newsletters, broadcast emails announcements on new products and/or services you have to offer.

[For clarity – AWeber is the application that maintains the email subscribers and sends out your emails and LeadPages helps you build the list of subscribers – used together they will help you build the list super fast!!]

Build the list fast and easy with Aweber. No one does a better job and has better customer service than AWeber – thta’s the reason they are #1 in the space. For More information on building an email list with AWeber – click here!


LeadPages: Extremely easy-to-use and just a great application for creating high-quality landing pages and squeeze pages. LeadPages will help you convert viewers into subscribers. It works both with WordPress and non-WordPress sites alike.

Building an email list of users (see AWeber above) from the very first launch of your website will prove invaluable – LeadPages walks you through to create professional looking “landing pages” converting users to subscribers. More information on LeadPages can be found here – you will not be sorry!