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How to Become a HHA in PA

To become a home health aide (HHA) in Pennsylvania, you must undergo at least 75 hours of training that includes 16 hours of clinical instruction.

You also need to complete 12 hours for every year as an HHA and pass the competency test covering all necessary elements.

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Pennsylvania HHA Details

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In order to receive your home health aide certificate in Pennsylvania you need to follow the minimum [federal] home health aide education requirements. HHA training programs must consist of:

  • at least seventy-five (75) hours of training
    • which needs to include at least sixteen (16) hours of clinical training
  • plus, there is a requirement to complete twelve (12) hours of continuing education for every twelve (12) months
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Pennsylvania HHA training will help you learn all of the necessary skills to qualify as a home health aide, including medication assistance and housekeeping techniques.

Once qualified, there is an exam that covers everything from physical care practices in hospitals or personal hygiene standards required by law.

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HHA trainees in Pennsylvania must complete at least sixty (60) hours of classroom instruction before or during the first three (3) months of employment.

3 Ways To Be a HHA in Pennsylvania

  • Pass a HHA training program approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
  • Complete a nurse aide certification and training. Make sure it is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
    • In Pennsylvania, there is another way to become a home health aide. You can complete the nurse aid certification and training program offered by many healthcare organizations as well as sponsored by Department of Health.
  • Pass a competency test developed by the home health care agency in which you will be working.
    • While it may be the quickest and most convenient option, you will not have much flexibility in where you work. You can only move to another agency if they offer a competency test or are willing to hire someone without one. It might also benefit those looking after loved ones with home health care needs as this is an easy way of getting paid for taking care of others while still having time left over for yourself.
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Pennsylvania HHA Resources

Pennsylvania doesn’t require a specific amount of credit hours for home health aide training; they follow the federal code (Section 484.80) for home health aides working for companies reimbursed by Medicaid or Medicare.


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