Ohio HHA Requirements

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How To Become a HHA in Ohio

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To work as a home health aide in Ohio, you need at least 75 hours of training and pass an evaluation test (sometimes called an “exam”).

Profile of a Ohio Home Health Aide

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In order to receive your home health aide certificate in Ohio you need to follow the minimum [federal] home health aide education requirements. HHA training programs must consist of:

  • at least seventy-five (75) hours of training
    • which needs to include at least sixteen (16) hours of clinical training
  • plus, there is a requirement to complete twelve (12) hours of continuing education for every twelve (12) months

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In summary, for Ohio, home health aides must obtain state licensure or complete training and/or a competency evaluation program that meets the requirements of 42 CFR 484.36 (a) or (b), and obtain a satisfactory rating on their competency evaluations.

They are also required to complete 12 hours of in-service continuing education annually. See Ohio Admin. Code §§ 5160-46-04(B), 5160–47-04(B) and 5160-50-04(B).

STNA Training in Ohio

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STNA training program are 75 hours (2-week) certificate program. Classroom instruction includes an introduction to healthcare, basic nursing skills, body structure and function, infection control, CPR, and the job-seeking process. Students also participate in supervised clinical activities.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are certified as a nursing assistant in the state of Ohio.

Ohio HHA Resources

Here’s the federal code Ohio adheres to Section 484.80.

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