Free HHA Training in New York

Free HHA Training in New York – It’s The Law

You live in New York and you are looking for a home health aide (HHA) training program.

You have no experience and no money to pay for training.

Get free home health aide training in New York!

(New York is one of the most expensive cities in which to work and live. Need proof? What is the True Cost of Living in New York City?)

Any training program administered by a company offering employment (usually a home health agency) needs to be licensed by the New York State Department of Health (DOH).

The law states they cannot charge more than $100 for books and materials.

See also: New York HHA Requirements

Here’s the longer answer with more helpful information.

Home health aide training programs in New York can be offered by:

  1. home care agencies (“employer-based”)
  2. community colleges
  3. high schools
  4. community centers
  5. private training schools
new york hha training sources

Each establishment needs to be licensed in New York by either (but not both):

types of ny hha training licenses

Only employer-based training program are licensed by the New York Department of Health – all others are licensed be the New York State Education Department and they can basically charge whatever they want to – or at least what the market will bear!

new york hha employer-based license

So, if you get your HHA certificate in New York from an employer-based training program then you cannot, by law, pay more than $100. Period

Listing of Licensed Home Health Agencies in New York

New York has done a great job of pulling together a complete listing of licensed health agencies – your government at work.

Short Video: Searching For NY HHA Training Under $100

As you can see, there are dozens on Long Island! Each one of these will either be free or cost $100 at the very most.

Look at your results for the programs and see which is best for you.

If you live or want to work in Brooklyn as a HHA here more information in free Brooklyn HHA training that may be helpful.

presentation iconThese agencies will provide the home care training you need and help you pass the HHA Competency Exam in New York.

So Why Would Folks Choose Any Other Training Program?

  • unaware of all training options
  • think training is “better” elsewhere
  • scheduling conflicts
  • commuting issues
  • marketing of other programs

How To Choose HHA Training in New York

You have many choices when deciding the best training for you.

Just because you don’t have to pay more than $100 does not make that necessarily the best option.

Other considerations, in no particular order:

  • cost and time of commuting
  • day care options
  • scheduling / timing
  • language barriers
  • employment placement
    • Non employer-based training may not provide job placement
  • peer reviews
  • reputation/website/call back time/courtesy, etc.

New York HHA Resources

Here’s our search tool to find New York HHA agencies and FREE training classes near you!

  • Get started as a New York home health aide in 4 weeks.
  • Learn how to pass the New York HHA exam.
  • NEW: New York food stamp recipients (also called SNAP) can get free HHA training!