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how to be hha in new york

How To Become a Home Health Aide in NY

In New York, the Department of Health regulates all Home Health Aides and requires a minimum of 95 hours in total to become certified.

In order to become a Certified Home Health Aide in New York, you need training either through the university system or a HHA agency. The only organizations that can certify any HHA training programs are the state Department of Education and/or health department.

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NY HHA Requirements

Embarking on a career as a Home Health Aide (HHA) in New York offers a unique opportunity to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry, but it comes with specific educational prerequisites that go beyond federal standards. Prospective HHAs in New York are required to complete a comprehensive training program, totaling at least ninety-five (95) hours.

In order to receive your home health aide certificate in New York you need to fulfill more than the federal home health aide education requirements.

  • at least ninety-five (95) hours of training
    • 65 hours classroom
      • 45 hours lecture
      • 20 hours demonstration
    • PLUS thirty (30) hours of supervised clinical training
  • most HHA’s get their training from home health aide agencies in New York.

It’s essential to choose a program sanctioned by either the New York State Department of Health or the Education Department, as these bodies ensure the curriculum meets the high standards necessary for certification. This rigorous training prepares HHAs to offer exceptional care and support to those in need, solidifying their crucial role in New York’s healthcare framework.

NY HHA Database

Upon completion of HHA training program (and passing the competency exam), you will be issued a certificate and registry number. This is done in accordance with appropriate approval signature from the New York Home Care Registry.

A database is maintained for all certified home health aides in New York. This way, records are easy to access and the system can keep track of who’s working as a certified HHA.

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There is a relatively new category of health care worker in New York, “advanced home health aide”.

Advanced home health aides will be allowed to administer routine or pre-filled medications. These medicines must be easy to give (e.g. injections of insulin, eye drops, etc.)

These “advanced” aides will receive more training and work under the supervision of registered nurses.

The goal is to allow more residents of New York to get care in their own homes as opposed to a skilled nursing facility.

How to Become a Home Health Aide in NY

New York home health care has tremendous opportunity for those seeking to enter the medical field as a home health aide, personal care aide or certified nurse assistant.

The requirements are typical of some other states though it’s worth going into some of the details and the actual steps to be a home health aide in NY.

New York HHA Training Requirements

Home health aide training programs in New York need to be approved be either the New York State Department of Health (DOH) or the New York State Education Department (SED); they cannot be dually approved by both.

Additional NY HHA Criteria

  • Must be at least 18 years of age home health aides
  • Should be mature, emotionally and mentally stable geriatric nursing assistants
  • Be able to read and write; understand and carry out directions and instructions and keep simple records certified medicine aides
  • A minimum of an eighth-grade reading level is recommended
  • Be in good physical health; not dependent or addicted to depressants, stimulants, narcotics, alcohol or other substances dialysis technicians
  • If you want to differentiate yourself from others in New York then you can acquire additional skills such as a CPR certificate, human anatomy lessons or hospice training/experience

When the skills have been completed successfully then the nurse instructor or supervisor certifies that the trainee has successfully completed the supervised clinical experience – at this point the trainee is awarded a New York home health aide certificate.

Cost of HHA Training

If the home health aide training program is approved by the New York State Department of Health then they cannot charge tuition.

There may be no tuition but they may have a fee of up to $100 for books/material; you get to keep whatever you’ve paid for.

If the HHA program is approved by the New York State Education Department then they are allowed to charge tuition.

Can I take HHA classes online?

Yes, HHA online classes in NY are available!

In many cases, you’ll be able to get your home health aide certificate online. This is usually the most economical way to do things because a course can cost as little as $400 or so and will take about 100 hours of study time- which means it only takes roughly two months for 8 hours per week! Some programs may have more expensive courses – shop for the best value NOT the most affordable!

Contents of the HHA Training

Home health aide training programs need to clearly state its goals and objectives and must include measurable performance criteria.

hha exam contents

While the home health aide scope of tasks in New York are typical of those in other states, the curriculum must include the content outlined below:

  • orientation to home care and the role of home health aides;
  • understanding basic human needs of individuals and families including understanding the elderly, infants and children, persons with physical illnesses, persons with physical disabilities and persons with mental disabilities;
  • communication skills;
  • basic elements of body function;
  • patient rights and HIV confidentiality;
  • safety, accident prevention and responses to emergencies;
  • infection control and universal blood and body fluid precautions;
  • personal hygiene and grooming including bed, sponge, tub or shower baths; skin, tub or bed shampoos;
  • nail and skin care; oral hygiene; toileting and elimination;
  • use of prescribed medical equipment and supplies;
  • rehabilitation including safe transfer techniques and ambulation; normal range of motion and positioning;
  • assistance with use of crutches, walkers, and hoyer lifts; and prescribed exercise programs;
  • nutrition and fluid intake, to include preparation of meals for simple and complex modified diets;
  • temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure;
  • simple test and measurements;
  • maintaining a clean, safe environment;
  • assistance with medication administration;
  • special skin care;
  • simple dressing changes;
  • handling patient’s money; and
  • observing, reporting, and recording.

The training staff may exercise discretion in determining the amount of time required to adequately teach each subject area.

But keep mind the minimum training time required must be met for each subject area and the training hours must total a minimum of 95 hours.

The HHA Competency Exam

ny hha competency exam

When the skills portion of the training have been completed successfully the nurse instructor or supervisor certifies that the trainee has successfully completed the supervised clinical experience – at this point the trainee is awarded a New York home health aide certificate.

The complete training program (classroom and practical training) as well as the competency evaluation must all be completed within two months of entry into the training program.

Competency Exam By Itself

It is possible to jump ahead of the class (skip altogether) and take a competency evaluation program only.

Eligible potential HHA’s include:

  • nursing assistants with one year of full time experience in a general hospital within the past five years;
  • home health aides or nurse aides with training and competency evaluation from an out-of-state training programs;
  • home health aide with documented home health aide training and competency evaluation who have not been employed as a home health aide for 24 consecutive months;
  • veterans trained in the US military as medical technicians and/or medics;
  • nursing students having completed the fundamentals of nursing

Getting Your HHA Certificate

ny hha certificate example

Within 30 days of (successful) completion of the training program and passing the competency evaluation, the training program must issue an original certificate to you.

In addition:

  • you must be provided a copy of the completed competency evaluation form.
  • the training programs needs to keep your certificate and competency evaluation form for at least six (6) years.

An individual who has successfully completed an approved HHA training and initial competency evaluation program will not be considered qualified to provide home health aide services if the person has not been employed as a home health aide within any consecutive 24-month period.

The aide’s training certificate becomes invalid.

In order to get back to work after a two-year lapse the HHA can take the take the competency evaluation program in lieu of a training program.

After successful completion of the competency evaluation program, a new certificate will be issued to the home health aide by the training program administering the competency evaluation.

Bottom line: If you have worked as a HHA in two years then you cannot jump back in until you take the competency exam.

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