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How To Become a HHA in Hawaii

Hawaii requires more than the minimum federal training standards to be working as a home health aide (HHA); need to be a CNA as well!

HHA training programs require 100 hours of training; which needs to include at least 70 hours of clinical training.

Know the HHA training requirements in Hawaii before you waste time and money.

Embark on a fulfilling journey as a Home Health Aide in Hawaii. Our detailed guide provides insights into the unique requirements, including mandatory CNA certification and comprehensive training programs. With opportunities for free training, learn how you can quickly start your career in home health care. Whether you are exploring initial certification or advancing in this growing field, we have all the resources to set you on the right path.

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In order to receive your home health aide certificate in Hawaii you need to follow their specific home health aide education requirements.

HHA training programs in Hawaii must consist of:

  • at least one-hundred (100) hours of training
    • which needs to include at least seventy (70) hours of clinical training
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NOTE: A home health aide in Hawaii needs to be a certified nursing aide (CNA); you must complete the CNA training and pass the Hawaii competency exam.

Hawaii’s home healthcare requirements for CNAs are high, but becoming a certified nurse aide in Hawaii can help you become an integral part of the patient care team.

PLUS you will make more money as a CNA!

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Hawaii HHA Resources

Here’s the Department of Health law (Chapter 97) that Hawaii follows.