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How Long Does It Take to Get a Home Health Aide Certificate?

If you are considering becoming a home health aide, it can be difficult to know where to start.

There are many options for training and certification, but how long does it take to get a HHA certificate? It’s important that you understand the time commitment before signing up for classes.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various paths that people take towards obtaining their HHA certification and how long each option will generally take. We’ll also talk about what happens after you become certified.

There are many terms of the caregiving process that can be confusing and hospice care is one of them.

Options for HHA Training

Lots of HHA Certification Options

– get certified in as little as 12 weeks with a HHA program offered at your local community college

– choose between online or onsite training options that typically take about two months (online programs often allow you to make up missed days if you can’t attend every class)

– work for an agency while still going through the certification process so you have more time to devote fully yourself once it’s complete. This is also advantageous because agencies will help fund your tuition and training.

The important thing when deciding how long does home health aide certification take, is understanding what kind of life balance are you looking for?

If being able to go back to school fulltime to get HHA certified right away sounds great, then consider starting at a community college in your area.

For those with less free time on their hands or who would like some flexibility in scheduling their classes, there are options such as volunteering for a home health agency and taking classes online.

Sections of the HHA Exam

Not that’s it’s a terrific downside, but taking online home health aide classes means you still need to perform a skills assessment in person. The portion you take online will cover the Written section of the HHA exam but there is also a Skills section.

You will need to perform a Skills assessment before you can be certified as a home health aide.

The Skills evaluation section of the HHA exam is set up to resemble an actual caregiving situation. Tests are administered in a room that looks like your work setting as a home health aide with all the equipment necessary for any skills you may be tested on, and by Registered Nurses who have experience working in hospitals or nursing homes.

You must pass both the Written section of the HHA exam and the Skills section in order to become a Certified Home Health Aide.


The right home health aide certificate program can give you the knowledge and skills to work in this field. It’s important that your HHA training and certification process fits into your schedule, so make sure it is one of the factors when choosing a school for your coursework.

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