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Home Health Aides Need to Push for Improved Public Transit

In order to provide quality home health care, aides need to be able to travel easily between patients’ homes. Unfortunately, public transportation is often inadequate, which makes it difficult for aides to get around. This can lead to delays in care and decreased quality of service.

Public officials to address this issue and fund training that will improve the delivery of home health care.

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Nonprofit organizations that advocate for home health aides need to work together with public officials to improve the delivery of home health care.

This can be done by funding training and improving public transportation. By doing so, we can ensure that home health aides have the resources they need to provide quality care for patients.

About 80 percent (80%) of home health aides don’t own a car, relying solely on mass transportation. But a private ride share trip can cost $44 round trip, a cost is mostly prohibitive to most caregivers.

This leaves home health aides struggling to get to their patients, many of whom are elderly and disabled. A HHA has enough to be concerned with as she fulfills her duties and responsibilities.

If aides cannot get to their patients because they have not ca or access to public transportation then the patients will suffer.

We need to fund training and improve public transportation so home health aides can provide quality care for our loved ones. This is something we should all support!

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