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Can a home health aide give a tubal feeding?

Can a home health aide (HHA) give a tubal feeding (or provide G-tube services) under a licensed home care aide organization?

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A gastrostomy tube (also known as a G-tube) is an instrument for supplying nutrition and allowing the passage of liquid into or out of the stomach. Doctors implant a G-tube during a brief surgical procedure called a gastrostomy.

For a home health aide to assist with a G-tube feeding , it depends on the place in which you work. G-tube feedings (also known as tubal feedings) can be administered by HHA’s or family members, but for them to be done properly, registered nurses must be present and a written order from the attending physician must be issued.

Each state has its own independent board of nursing that establishes what’s allowable within the state to be delegated there. Even though a HHA can perform a tubal feeding doesn’t make it safe.

Patient deaths connected to aspiration have come from a simple thing like a certified nursing assistant (CNA) leaving the bed floor down and low, followed by feeding the food into the lungs instead of the stomach.

The individual who provides a feeding tube service must be a licensed healthcare professional, or a family member may be trained to do exactly that and a home health agency may come in and assist the family caregiver in doing the training.

Don’t be scared of tubal feedings!

Giving a tubal feeding is not hard to learn. You are advised to learn how to do it yourself as it will typically make you stick out in the home health agency you work for. I was instructed by my RN. It is not as scary as it appears!
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Administering an NG-tube are just a few of the services that must be performed by a licensed health care practitioner.

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