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Duties of an EKG Technician: What You Need to Know

EKG machines, or electrocardiographs, are complex pieces of equipment used to measure the heart’s performance in a number of ways. They can help doctors diagnose problems with the heart muscle, electrical activity in the heart, and blood flow through the heart. EKG machines use a number of electrodes placed on the skin to detect these problems.

As an EKG technician, you will be called upon to perform a variety of duties at a medical or hospital facility, or physician’s office, where you will be working.

EKG technicians know how to operate these machines, and they are trained to provide the most accurate EKG readings. They can perform other duties that relate to these machines, as well.

As an EKG technician, comprehending how to work in the health sector means not only how to operate the EKG machine and other components properly but ensuring that all the connections are set up properly and that the machine is working as it should. You will also know how to recognize the components and successfully troubleshoot any issues with them.

ekg technician

Since you will additionally be performing stress tests, the operation of the treadmill and connecting the EKG to it and monitoring those results will be required. Furthermore, you will be shown how to easily and quickly operate and monitor Holter portable EKG machines.

For testing, medical training programs will demonstrate you where to place the EKG machine electrodes 12 and teach you how to record it with a device 13. Afterward, you will monitor the EKG machine, and guarantee accurate readings are collected.

You may also have other duties, such as recording and maintaining patient charts and updating patient information sheets, as well as clerical tasks linked to your role.

Handling of EKG Results

Once a patient’s test has been completed, you may print the results for easy review by the healthcare professional or by the patient’s cardiologist. You can also provide a summary of the results along with quickly contacting a staff member to request a follow-up action if you notice abnormal results that need to be attended to immediately.

Interaction with Patients/Family

EKG technicians tend to more clearly detail the procedure they will be conducting and take measures to lower anxiety of people who are undergoing testing. They are also expected to explain to their patients what they can expect to undergo and communicate clearly during the process.

Emergency Situations of an EKG Technician

ECG training teaches those who are testing under stress to understand how to handle shock or cardiac arrest so that they’ll be able to do their jobs to the best of their ability while under duress. These abilities, including having the ability to continue performing at your best while under pressure, and remaining calm, will have a positive effect on both the patient and yourself.

Physical and Mental Effort

You can expect the primary aspect of this role to put you on your feet for a couple of hours at a time. Depending on the environment where you can be found, you may need to lift or move equipment. The demands of a hospital setting may mean you’ll have to adjust your shift work dramatically, and you will also have to be physically prepared.

Paying Attention to Details

You must be able to distinguish all the details the doctor or cardiologist gives, as you will need to be focusing particularly on this specialist’s detailed directions.

Managing Stress

An EKG technician’s workplace can be stressful, especially as there is less opportunity to recharge between shifts. This is true even if you’re at a hospital or a small facility where there are fewer clients.

You may be expected by doctors and patients to provide test results quickly, which may also add to your own stress levels. Healthy management of stress will be a skill that will enable you to earn accolades in this particularly important endeavor.

In conclusion, the aging population means that a higher number of patients will need medical attention. The rapid growth of EKG technician positions means that there is no better time than now to register for one of these programs. With a shortage of qualified technicians, there are many opportunities for those who are interested in this field. With proper training, you can be on your way to a new and exciting career.

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