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The Best Jobs in Health Care That Don’t Require Much Training or Education

The health care field offers a wide range of jobs that don’t require any formal education or training, but if you’re looking to avoid being stuck in a particular field then these are your best bet.

Jobs in the healthcare sector are projected to be in high demand over the next decade, with an estimated 18 million new job openings. That means there’s plenty of opportunities out there for people who want a career that doesn’t require any formal training or education — but if you’re looking to avoid being stuck in the rat race then these are your best bet.

(A rat race is a phrase that means there are many people who are running, but there is no way to win because everyone is running.)

Home health aides

If you want to help people stay healthy without going to school, this is a great option!

Home health aides are one of the most popular jobs in this category. They provide medical care for patients who can’t get out and about on their own, with a focus on housekeeping as well since they’re at someone’s home all day long.

This is perfect if you don’t want to set yourself up for lifelong monotony but have no interest in going back to school or taking any courses; it only requires some general knowledge about medicine and being able-bodied enough to do things like lift people up off the floor or use equipment (aside from heavy lifting).

The training requirements for home health aides is only between 4 and 6 weeks, so it’s a quick way to get into the field. And you may need to pass a HHA competency exam – not difficult.

In addition, home health aides are usually paid close to minimum wage with no benefits. They’re often people who can’t find any other work or have limited education and English skills.

And finally, they provide assistance in person such as preparing meals for someone at their own house when they cannot do that themselves. Home health aides also help bathe the individual if needed and accompany them on walks outside of the home if necessary.

The personality of a home care giver requires they be caring, helpful and most importantly patient.

A home health aide needs to have a flexible schedule that can accommodate the client’s requests for care on short notice. They also need to be organized in order to complete their tasks at hand without being overwhelmed by them or feeling stressed out with too many responsibilities

Lastly, flexibility is key so if your work hours change frequently, you may not want this job because it will require some overtime which means more pay!

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Medical assistants

You don’t need much more than basic computer skills and a strong work ethic to be successful in this position.

The demand for medical assistants is very strong and the pay is relatively good.

Medical assistants work with doctors on administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and billing patients. They also help prepare for procedures by passing out surgical gear or preparing instruments. This job requires some training but not too much – usually about six months in a certified program will do it!

If you’re looking for something quick and easy, then medical assisting might just be your best bet!

This position does require more than basic computer skills since medical records need to be kept up-to-date at all times.

Having good organizational skills as a medical assistant is also important.

In addition to training, the necessary qualifications for this position include a high school diploma and excellent verbal skills since medical assistants will be working closely with patients in person as well as on the phone.

A certification from a trade organization such as The National Healthcareer Association or American Academy of Medical Assistants can give you an edge when applying for positions so it’s worth considering.

Besides having zero formal education requirements, these are very good entry-level jobs that don’t require much more than enthusiasm and basic computer skills.

Nursing assistant

This one takes about six months of training but it can lead to big things like being a nurse if you really want to get into healthcare.

Nursing assistant’s primary responsibility is to make sure that health care providers can focus on their job and work with patients.

This means making a plan for patient needs, understanding how the healthcare facility works, anticipating potential problems or complications and handling any issues that arise.

In order to do this well you’ll need good communicational skills as well as being able-bodied so it’s important not only nursing assistants are in top physical shape but they’re also strong mentally!

The most common way of becoming a nursing assistant is by enrolling at an accredited school. Make sure the training is accredited and that it’s full time.

In the US, nursing assistants are in high demand with over 500 thousand job openings currently available. If this sounds right up your alley then get started with school or look around locally now!


Orderlies are health care professionals who typically don’t need much training or education before starting their career on the job. This is because most employers require that applicants pass only one requirement: meeting minimum qualifications which may include being over 18 years old, having no convictions for violent crime, possession of up-to-date CPR credentials and medical coverage.

Orderlies work primarily in hospitals on patient care services like medication administration, transferring patients and wound dressing changes among other tasks.

They’re usually not required to have any certification before beginning employment as long as they meet certain minimum requirements such as passing a criminal background check and drug screening test (among others). Typical salary ranges from $13-$17 per hour depending on geographical location.


If you like the idea of healthcare jobs but don’t have any formal education or training, these are your best bet. These positions will be in high demand over the next decade and offer a wide range of opportunities that won’t require a college degree.

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